In light of current economic challenges, real estate investors could consider the student housing market


The student housing market is creating a place for itself as one of the most profitable property investment opportunities in the UK housing market. What is special about it? Why property investors are taking it seriously? Many factors make the student housing market the best investment and one reason is that it offers great yield even amidst economic challenges. Plus there is also a huge demand for it in the market because many students need rental properties to stay comfortably.

If are you an investor looking for an excellent investment opportunity then know why you could consider the student housing market as an integral part of your investment portfolio. If you need assistance in finding a suitable property to accommodate students then talk with the letting agents in Brighton who will offer the best professional service to you.

  • High and long-time investment returns 

Newly built buy-to-let properties for housing students will offer you a high yield for up to three years. So you can enjoy stable rental returns for a long period. This factor is attracting lots of investors to the student housing market.

  • Good management 

After investing in a property to accommodate students, you don’t need to look after it 24/7 because you can seek the assistance of a good management company. Sometimes the property developers would already have hired a dedicated management company for handling all the matters related to maintaining the property and its premises for the student tenants. Along with that, they can also manage the tenant lifecycle, find suitable tenants and more. Therefore it will give you time to invest in and handle multiple property investments.

  • Great demand 

Many students are looking for a good rental property to stay in until they finish their studies but there is a shortage of such good properties. There are rooms for residence offered by the universities but these are limited and the other students have to find rental residences outside their university premises. So there is a great demand in the student housing market which you can use to your advantage by investing in a rental property for letting the students.

  • Expect payments at the right time 

Often the parents of the students staying in the rental properties will pay the rent so you can expect prompt payments. But sometimes the students themselves are diligent in paying the rent so you can get the rent on time. This is a great assurance for investors because you can get the monthly rent on time and in the long run, you can enjoy a high yield.

  • No rental voids 

There will always be students staying at your rental property even if the previous student tenants have left after they completed their education. If you build a reputation as the best rental property in the student housing market then it will be very easy for you to have a flow of student tenants. As a result, you do not need to deal with rental voids which are one of the worst issues anyone handling rental properties can experience.

  • Not many complaints 

The student tenants are less demanding than the elderly tenants or tenants with families. If there is a problem they are willing to adjust and wait till the issue is taken care of. This makes them the best tenants which is one of the things that can influence your decision to consider investing in a student housing market.

  • Reasonably priced property investments 

If you are trying to invest in a rental property amidst the economic challenges then investing in the student housing market is a great step because it is a far more affordable option than the other property investment options. The amount you invest will be low compared to the high returns you can enjoy after the rental property starts getting rental income.

Want to invest in the student housing market? 

If you are a motivated investor trying to find investment-worthy properties to let for students, then why not talk with experienced letting agents? They are experts in locating the right rental property in a perfect neighbourhood that will offer you a high yield, and they will also smooth out the hurdles along the way so it will be easy for you to manage. So if you are a smart investor, don’t miss this wonderful opportunity.