How Easy is it to Get a Beef Wellington Delivery?


Everyone loves a beef wellington – from the buttery soft pastry on the outside, to the succulent meat on the inside, covered in a pâté and flavoursome duxelle – there’s not much not to like about them. But cooking and constructing your own one is a different story altogether. So how do you go about making one, or are you better off getting a beef wellington delivery instead?

How long does it take to make one?

From getting all the ingredients together to preparing the ingredients, and cooking it in the oven – a beef wellington can take around three hours to make. It isn’t an easy process either as there are so many different elements involved (which makes it so delicious!), and each element can vastly affect the outcome of this iconic British dish.

Can you order one already made up?

You sure can! A majority of butchers will have a premade beef Wellington available for sale in-store. This makes the whole process extremely easy as you don’t have to worry about sourcing the ingredients and making sure you have the right mushrooms and the correct cut of meat. The butcher will do all the hard work for you so all you have to do is pop it in the oven and have all your friends impressed (you don’t even have to tell them where you got it from, right!). 

Where can you get one and can you get it delivered online?

Plenty of butchers will have premade beef Wellington available for sale. One of the top butchers who have a fantastic delivery system is Parson’s Nose. Their online platform is easy to navigate, and their food is ethically sourced, made with love and ready to deliver to your door – meaning you don’t even have to leave your humble abode or brave the weather to get this dish as a centrepiece on your table. A majority of London’s best online butchers will deliver their food to your door, saving you the fuss of having to brave the weather and traffic – you don’t even have to get out of your Jim jams!


Whether you are a beginner in the kitchen or a keen chef, you can’t go past the easy and stress-free process of ordering your food online and having a Beef Wellington delivery to your door. You can amaze your family, friends and colleagues by serving up this infamous meal – and have them all asking how you did it.

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