BBQs 2U – Kamado Joe Big Joe 3 – An Unparalleled Masterpiece in Barbeque World


BBQs 2U takes immense pride in offering their customers unforgettable culinary experiences in grilling-to-perfection.

The Kamado Joe Big Joe III is a grill that surpasses your expectations and takes your backyard culinary adventurers to extraordinary heights. The irresistible features of the Big Joe III make it an unparalleled masterpiece in the grilling world.

Revolutionary SloRoller smoke chamber

The SloRoller Smoke Chamber is undeniably Big Joe III’s showstopper. It is a revolutionary feature that transforms your grill into a smoker.

The SloRoller ensures consistent distribution of heat and smoke, which results in an infusion of flavor in every meat cut. Slo Roller guarantees a sensational taste of the slow-cooked ribs or brisket that will have your guests craving for more.

Air lift hinge

The innovative Air Lift Hinge has made opening Big Joe IIIs ceramic lid 98% smoother. Unlike the awkward maneuvers, while opening the heavy ceramic lid to access the grill, this patented system allows you to lift the lid without hassle.

The Air Lift Hinge showcases the commitment of Kamado Joe to offer customers user-friendly design and ensure that every backyard barbeque is a joy at every point [not just cooking but even the flavors].

Improved three-tier Divide & Conquer multi cooking system

The Big Joe III is the successor of BIG Joe II, upgraded with an improved three-tier Divide and Conquer multi-cooking system. You can create several cooking zones and experiment with distinct cooking styles.

You enjoy the flexibility of grilling, smoking, and roasting with matchless precision. The cooking surface is 24″ sufficient enough to cook for a crowd. System versatility allows you to display your culinary skills in a single cooking session.

Kontrol Tower for precise temperature control

In the grilling world, precise temperature control is paramount, and Big Joe III excels with its patented Kontrol Tower. The top vent is designed to allow you to adjust the airflow.

You have complete control over the cooking temperature. Whether you want a low-slow smoke or high-temperature sear, the Kontrol Tower ensures that your meaks are cooked to perfection all the time.

Ample cooking surface

The Big Joe III has 24″ cooking space, ample to cook dinner for a family or host a neighborhood barbeque.

The grill can cater to a large number of hungry guests. The large cooking area combined with the versatile Divide & Conquer system will allow you to create diverse menus that fulfill every palate.

Durable & heat responsive ceramic construction

The Kamado Joe Big Joe BBQs are crafted with the highest quality ceramic capable of exceptional heat retention and even distribution.

The rough and tough construction ensures that your grill can withstand the time of test while consistently delivering optimal cooking results.

The ceramic material used in Kamado Joe’s grill collection has a proven record for longevity and reaching high temperatures quickly. Foodies can enjoy a perfect pizza crust and seared steak.

BBQs 2U offers you a chance to experience the matchless performance of Kamado Joe Big Joe 3.

Entertain your guests with confidence by creating mouthwatering delicacies that linger long after the last bite. Make your every grilling session a celebration with Kamado Joe Big Joe!