3 Ways to Contribute to Your Environment


Life on the planet Earth survives due to a specific form of atmosphere created by God. However, a lot of natural and man-made factors have become a cause of destroying the natural atmosphere of this planet earth. When humans started increasing in quantity, the excessive population growth increased activities that negatively impacted the planet. So in other words, the environment and atmosphere are interconnected.

Both are responsible for the survival of life on the planet as both help create necessary living conditions for every human being. We humans are grateful for these two factors for maintaining a diverse ecosystem. Now, it is human’s duty to take care of this environment. Here in this article, we have listed a few tips that can help in making a positive contribution to the environment.

1.      Remove Junk Regularly

The junk in the form of plastics, garbage, etc in our homes and surroundings is very harmful to nature. So we must take proper measures to dispose of this junk. Have a proper schedule in place for residential junk removal which must be followed regularly. Initially, you should make sure that you take care of all the junk properly. This junk may become a cause of many problems including mental stress and physical damages.

When the junk is open in the streets and unluckily it rains then the junk spreads more in the streets causing bad odour which becomes the cause of many diseases. Besides that people who spread junk near water bodies result in damming the water and harming the living creatures inside the water.

2.      Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

The most effective method of handling junk, plastics, and garbage is to opt for the technology of R3 (Reduce, reuse and recycle). These three can help in creating sustainable living conditions for our planet and can reduce the stress on the planet we live. Begin with reducing the use of products and things that in any way may harm the planet such as plastic because certain plastic can not be disposed of even after years plastic is used in many items such as toys, straws, cutlery, etc. it is not biodegradable.

Besides junk removal, junk reduction must also be the strategy of today’s time. Secondly, instead of throwing out things immediately after first use, try to reuse them as much as you can like clothing, electronics, toys, etc. Thirdly, try to recycle non-biodegradable products into something useful.

  1. Save Energy and Water

Restricting the use of energy helps save money. Moreover, it also helps in the conservation of the limited resources that are becoming scarce like coal, gas, etc. We need to shift towards renewable sources of energy like wind, solar, hydel energy, etc which helps in protecting the planet from global warming. Invest in energy-efficient applications such as programmable thermostats and others.

Moreover, when the lights are not in use, switch them off. Also, be cautious about the use of water, and don’t waste water by leaving water taps open. Try to fix all the leakages and save water. In case of rain, collect water for outdoor irrigation.