How to Prevent Truck Accidents


Trucks are more in weight and height than cars, which is why the accidents caused by trucks are extremely dangerous and often require a catastrophic injury attorney to get due compensation. It is not surprising that truck accidents cause catastrophic injuries.

According to statistics, underride accidents are the primary cause of accident fatalities, where a small car collides with a truck underneath the trailer. Usually, the top of the car is cut off or destroyed when the car slides underneath the truck.

Typically, there are two types of underride accidents: side underride collisions and rear underride collisions. Side underride collisions occur when the small car passes beneath the truck, and the top of the car gets destroyed. These crashes often occur when the truck is turning or passing through an intersection.

The other type of underride is the rear underride, which occurs when the car slips under the rear of the trailer. Often, this kind of accident occurs when the truck stops suddenly or slows down while the car driver is following too slowly or simply not paying attention.

So, now that you know the two common types of truck accidents, now, let us see how we can prevent truck accidents.

Here is how:

Leave Sufficient Space

When it comes to preventing truck accidents, you will want to ensure that you maintain sufficient space between you and the truck. If a truck is in front of you, it will obstruct much of your visibility, and you won’t be able to know what lies ahead.

So, the best thing you can do is leave sufficient space between your car and the truck in front of you and behind you. This way, you will have enough time to react and pull the brakes if you have to stop your car.

Trust us when we tell you that by leaving sufficient space, you can prevent accidents, and it will also prevent you from getting in touch with truck accident lawyers, as truck accidents can be extremely catastrophic and even result in death.

Avoid Getting into the Truck’s Blind Spot

Another way to prevent truck accidents is by staying out of the blind spot of the truck. And before you start to worry about how you can potentially do that, let us tell you a very simple trick that can let you know whether or not you are in the truck’s blind spot.

All you need to do is look in the truck’s side mirrors. Now, if the truck driver’s face is not visible in the side mirrors, then there is a great probability that the truck driver will not see you either. That said, if you have to pass the truck, you will want to pass it on the driver’s side so that you can ensure that the trucker sees you, as the blind spot is much wider on the passenger’s side.

Also, if you have to pass the truck, make sure that the space is visible ahead. And then, you will want to ensure that you pass it quickly instead of lingering beside the truck.